The best buying opportunity in the pipe fittings industry

When is the cheapest to purchase pipe fittings from China?

When is the fastest delivery of pipe fittings from China?

The answer is from July to September!

It is believed that buyers from different countries have their own procurement time planning. However, due to the influence of China’s environmental protection policy, China’s foundry industry production has been relatively affected. After entering the northern winter heating period, various industrial productions that cause pollution will be restricted or stopped.

For this reason, many suppliers in 2017 were unable to deliver on time. It has caused a lot of trouble for buyers.

In 2018, in response to production cuts, many suppliers began to stock up on raw materials and semi-finished products in July.

Orders are placed from July to September, the purchase price is relatively cheap, and the peak production period is staggered, and the quality of the goods is guaranteed.

At present, the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar has reached its highest value since 2018, which is another good news for buyers who have settled in US dollars. The supplier’s US dollar offer will be lower.

Please seize the opportunity to arrange the purchase in advance. Avoid peak purchases before the Spring Festival.

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Post time: Aug-07-2018
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